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The world of work is transforming, through remote working, the 4 day week, and employee autonomy Great organisations realise that happiness and health at work is a priority

Liliana and Stephen bring you conversations with remarkable people and successful entrepreneurs living this reality and transforming the world of work into Wow at Work realities. They will also bring you simple but transformational breathwork practices which you can access while learning what successful organisations are doing that make them stand out from the rest.

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I helped Stephen and Liliana hone the concept of the show, create an elevator pitch, and build the sonic brand for the show.

I also provided training on using Riverside to record the trailer and the interviews, consulted on gear and helped with mic technique.


I edited the first two seasons, gathering audio from Riverside, and crafting the conversations so they were sparkling and everyone sounded like they were in the same room.

Episode 3

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