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Dress: Fancy

The podcast about fashion, fantasy, and fancy dress, hosted by author Lucy Clayton and cultural historian Dr Benjamin Wild.


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Brilliantly engaging and extremely interesting podcast with the sort of informal, yet passionate discussion which makes me feel like i am eavesdropping on two friends in conversation about their most favourite subject.. Peppered with enough hilarious, realistically sweary, spontaneous exchanges to make me spill my tea laughing.. Lucy and Ben are just BRILLIANT and worth every one of their five starsšŸ¤©šŸ¤©šŸ¤©



Costuming podcast heaven!

All the sartorial elegance and wit of Cecil Beaton, more art and history references than the Devonshire Ball. A podcast made from respectfully within the costuming community, in al itā€™s guises.

Screechowl 2


Fashion is funny, who knew?!

Totally love this podcast, thoroughly addicted and check in every week. Thoughtful, intelligent, knowledgeable and always hilarious.... whatā€™s not to love?!

Poddy McCakeface