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Join a group of change-makers committed to using their voice to tackle the world’s biggest problems

We’ve never needed you more

Society has faced unique challenges over the last few years. Climate change, global conflict, inequality, outmoded beliefs, these are nothing new. But the pandemic has brought us closer together, even though we often still feel divided.

We’re looking to you to lead, even if you don’t feel ready. /Especially/ if you don’t. We need the people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

You don’t have to have the answers, but knowing which questions to ask and listening with curiosity is how we begin to affect change.

On this program, you’ll learn how to

  • Develop your idea into a succinct pitch
  • Plan episodes
  • Use a mic like a pro
  • Record and edit a trailer
  • Find guests
  • Record remote conversations
  • Edit audio like a Google doc
  • Make a podcast website
  • Upload to a media host
  • Submit to Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more
  • Build a street team
  • Cross-promote

Some of the world’s best ideas have been scribbled on beermats or discussed over wobbly tables in tiny cafés. Discussing an idea is like lighting a match. Without oxygen, the flame dies quickly. And the only way to help it spread is to bring another match close.

How many times has someone said to you “you should start a podcast?”

How many times have you said “don’t get me started?”

Now is your opportunity to share your unique vision for how the world can be made better. Whether that’s a big idea like climate change, or through individual acts of kindness. You might not know the destination, but you can set the direction.

Don’t let it go unsaid. If there’s a narrative you need to counter, or an opinion that needs challenging, it’s your voice we need to hear.

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Find your voice

If you’re thinking “why would anyone want to hear from me?”, you’re in the right place.

Together we’ll build your creative confidence, so you can tap into your innate gifts as a natural storyteller.

Meet your listeners

Successful podcasts put the listener first.

Through exercises and workshops, you’ll work on your podcast’s mission statement, and build a listener persona so you know how to find your true fans.

Plan for success

A podcast can be a handful of episodes or a regular, continuous conversation.

You’ll learn how to mine ideas from your network, social media, and the world around you, so you’re never short on topics.

Learn the ropes

Everything from what mic to buy, to editing audio (spoiler: it’s as easy as editing a Google Doc).

It’s all covered in course material, and there’s plenty of chances to ask questions.

Launch with confidence

Sharing your voice can make even the most confident person feel vulnerable.

Your cohort and your mentor are all invested in making sure you sound your best.

Share and collaborate

Not only will you learn from others in your cohort, you’ll have the chance to cross-promote and collaborate in a way few podcasters get to do from day one. Finally, a network effect you can tap into.

You’ve got something to say.

Make a podcast, and lead the conversation

Unmute is a group program for people seeking to make an impact with their voice, to ask the questions no-one else will, and to uncover answers through curiosity.

You’ll embark on a journey that will take you beyond the tech, and into building trust so you can serve your community in an entirely new way.

You don’t need to feel like a leader or have all the answers. But if you’ve ever thought “this isn’t right” or “this could be better”, or even simply asked “what if?…”, you’re in good company.

Over the course of 13 weeks, a small number of passionate creators will work on their own individual podcasts. Unmute mixes one-to-one mentoring, group dialog, and self-directed learning. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or have never picked up a mic, you’ll have the support you need to unite your tribe, and drive change. It all starts with your voice.

Meet Mark, your podcast guide

Mark Steadman has been making podcasts for himself and others since 2008. He progressed from being paid in beer to being paid in money, and has now helped hundreds of podcasters get their start.

Mark founded a media hosting company in 2016, which he sold in the spring of 2021. He now channels his infectious enthusiasm into helping leaders change their corner of the world, through podcasting.

He’s a regular fixture in industry publications like Podnews and Podcast Movement. In 2018 he co-created the British Podcast Awards Bullseye category, and has run a podcast festival in his home city of Birmingham in the UK.

The details

This is an invite-only program, and applications to join open in 2023. A seat on the program costs $900.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s in the program?

There are 13 modules to help you find your voice, understand what gear you’ll need, record and edit audio, and distribute your owrk to Apple Podcasts etc.

Most of the modules have exercises for you to work through, and there is supplementary course material for you to explore.

What will I make as a result of the program?

Modules are presented week by week, with a group Zoom call to kick off each module. At the end of the program is a showcase where you’ll be invited to share a trailer for your show, and possibly tell the audience more about it.

Whether you choose to hit that deadline, or blow straight through it and produce a whole mini-season of episodes, is up to you.

How many downloads will my podcast get?

That’s entirely down to your existing audience, the quality of your work, and the quality of your communication.

We’ll cover aspects of promotion, but this program won’t teach you how to be a chart-topping success or a money-making enterprise (no good program can).

What we can do is help you show up for your audience, build trust within your tribe, and craft messages worth spreading.

What if I can’t make a group call?

You won’t be left behind if you can’t make a session or two. But if you’re unable to make any sessions, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to check in with your cohort, which is a vital part of the program.

Why is it so important to make the calls?

Group programs work best when everyone’s invested in their peers’ success. Meeting your cohort gives you the opportunity to collaborate, and amplifies the learning.

Plus, when it comes to launching your show, you’ll have a few already-invested listeners who’ll look forward to your next episode, and can help you spread the word.

Will my work be confidential?

Everyone will agree to the same code of conduct, which requires that people not share anything without permission. We believe that learning out loud is part of the process of podcasting, but if you’d rather keep things under wraps, we’ll all respect your decision.

How long will I have access to the course material?

Once the program has ended, you’ll have access to the materials for at least a year. You’ll also be invited to join a community where you can stay in contact with your cohort and Mark, keep the momentum going, and access more learning resources.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. You can spread the cost over 2 or 3 instalments. Just ask Mark when you’re ready.

Ready to unmute?

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  2. Work through the Unmute program
  3. Start a podcast you can be proud of

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