Pick my brains

I have a range of courses, tutorials, ebooks, guides, and more to help you create and sustain a fulfilling podcast. If you’re not looking to engage a podcast consultant to help get your show on the road, this is a great place for you to start.

Podcasting courses

If you thought podcasting was too technical for you to master, these resources will show you how much you never knew you could do.

Tutorial videos

Learn a new podcasting skill in an hour.

There’s more available as part of my Origin Circle membership. Pricing starts at £9. Find out more.

The Podcast Owner’s Manual

Podcasting is a long term endeavour. While you’re working on your show, it’s important to look around, get a sense of what’s new, and take time to look after its most important resource: you.

Every week I’ll share tips, techniques, and thoughts to help you take care of your podcast and yourself.

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