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It turns out, Squarespace was right all along!

Social media has a memory like a goldfish, and people don’t search for content in the same way they do within Google or YouTube. Most podcasters promote their latest episode on social media, pointing people towards Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or services like Once the promotion cycle is over for that episode, the Internet forgets about it.

A website preserves your work, by making it indexable by Google and other search engines. It’s also where your episode transcripts can live, making your content more accessible to those who need it (while also giving you a healthy SEO boost).

Podcast website themes

A podcast website is land you own, which means your priorities are honoured. Rather than sharing a link to Spotify or your podcast host’s Share page, sharing a link to the episode on your website brings people into your house. It allows you to invite them to take action that benefits you – like signing up to your newsletter, or checking out your paid products and services.

I’ve been building websites since the late 20th century. I’ve been Technical Director of a community radio station and a digital design agency. I make websites that are individual, enjoyable to use, brand-conscious, and that drive action.

Prices vary depending on your current platform, along with your needs and expectations. That means it could be as simple as creating a new theme for an existing WordPress site, or adding some lines of code to change the appearance of a less-flexible system.

Best thing is to book a call and we can chat through what you need.

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