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Podcast show notes

Add context and increased value to the listening experience.

Podcast episode descriptions (sometimes called episode details or show notes) are essential to discovery. They provide new and existing listeners with a reason to listen. A good title answers the question “Why would I listen to this episode?”. Then, the show notes create a gentle sense of tension that invites the reader to hit Play and discover what they’ll learn.

Over my years of writing show notes, I’ve developed a formula that captures readers’ attention and converts them into listeners, while giving existing listeners more to explore. For each episode, I write

  • A catchy title
  • An attention-getting overview paragraph *.A further paragraph about the guest or the main topic of discussion
  • A list of links to resources that were discussed
  • A list of key takeaways (derived from your episode conclusion)

Some examples of my work


If you use my editing services, podcast show notes are an additional £20 per episode.

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