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There are over four million podcasts, but most of them don’t get further than episode seven.

Starting a podcast is as easy as opening up the voice recorder on your smartphone and uploading the audio. You’re here because you don’t want to do that. You want to create something of value – something deeper.

Over 130 million books have been published in the world, and millions more self-published titles. Your message doesn’t have to reach millions, or even thousands. If you have something important to say to 10 people, that is enough.

However many listeners you bring along, every one is an individual, and an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship.

From the ear to the brain to the heart

A podcast delivers your message to your listener’s ears, at a time and in an environment that suits them. Your knowledge and expertise helps that message find a space in your listener’s mind. By showing up with consistency and speaking authentically, your passion and their trust in you combine to drive that message home to your listener’s heart. That’s where trust lives.

We buy from, work with, and take advice from people we trust. The human voice is the medium that gives us the best opportunity to build that trust with our audience.

Mark Steadman, podcast coach

Meet your guide

I’m Mark. I’ve been making podcasts for myself and others since 2008. I progressed from being paid in beer to being paid in money, and have now helped hundreds of podcasters get their start.

I founded a media hosting company in 2016, which I sold in the spring of 2021. I now channel what’s been called my “infectious enthusiasm” into helping leaders change their corner of the world, through podcasting.

I’m a regular fixture in industry publications like Podnews and Podcast Movement. In 2018 I co-created the British Podcast Awards Bullseye category, and have run a podcast festival in my home city of Birmingham in the UK.

Let me help you

  • Develop your podcast idea into a succinct pitch
  • Plan your first episodes
  • Use a mic like a pro
  • Record and edit a trailer (if you want to)
  • Build a technical team to put everything in place
  • Find guests
  • Record remote conversations
  • Make a podcast website
  • Get you into Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more
  • Build a street team to help you spread the word
  • Cross-promote with other podcasters

You don’t need to be a tech wizard

If you can use Zoom, you can use record a podcast. Between us, we’ll make sure you have all the gear and support you need. That includes being in the room while you record, so you can focus on holding space rather than twiddling dials.

Some examples of my work

There's never been a better time

If you’ve any questions or concerns about starting a podcast, drop me a message and we’ll chat them through.

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