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Podcast marketing can feel like magic. In reality, it’s about consistent action and strategic thinking. The web is an awash with growth advice and LinkedIn is full of so-called gurus who still think ratings and reviews boost downloads (pssst; they don’t).

Even armed with the best advice, who has time to painstakingly comb the podcast charts looking for shows to cross-promote with? Sure, you can hire a virtual assistant to handle the outreach, but how many emails have you binned that boast a “great opportunity to have a thought leader on your show?”

Let’s do podcast growth the right way

The first step towards attracting more listeners is getting super clear on your show’s positioning. We’ll work together to hone your Listener Story and build a listener persona so we can be clear on who the show is for, and how the listener benefits. Then we’ll go through every aspect of your podcast – from the content to the packaging – to make sure it all aligns, and that it hits new listeners where they live.

Once we know who you want to attract, we’ll get to work on finding podcasts that fit your niche, and where you and the host share something in common. That means that when we come to pitch you as a guest, you won’t be going in cold.

I’ll produce a thoroughly-researched list of podcasts that have a similar-sized or larger audience. I’ll draft an email for each show, pitching you as a guest with experience relevant to their audience. You send the email from your account, and keep me in the loop. That way, you show you care enough about your show and theirs to handle your own outreach.

Meet your podcast marketing consultant

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I’ve been helping to launch and grow podcasts since 2008. As an avid listener and experienced audio producer I know what works well. As a small business owner I know how important it is to spend your marketing time and budget wisely.

I’ve never chased numbers for the sake of it, focusing instead on building enjoyment, engagement, and trust.

More listeners means more impact

You started podcasting to create opportunities, spark conversations, and build a community around your passion.

You’re confident in the quality of your work, and you’ve had great feedback from listeners.

Now it’s time to bring your insights to a wider audience, so you can achieve more.

Some examples of my work

How can you be sure this will work?

Nothing’s guaranteed, and every podcast – every listener – is different. I know that not every pitch will be successful, so I’m working to a pretty conservative estimate.

If your show has a 1,000+ downloads per episode, I’m confident I can boost your listenership by at least 20%… but probably not overnight.

I’ll only research shows that fit your niche, that accept guests, and where you can add value to their audience.

Ready to get the ball rolling?

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