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Podcast editing

Just hit Record, then send me your finished audio. Job done.

When you think about the opportunities that podcasting provides, toiling over your laptop and fiddling with your digital audio workstation probably isn’t top on the list.

Why hire an editor?

Podcast audiences are busy, and increasingly discerning. We can cut through the noise and be generous in respecting our listeners’ time. That means cutting out anything from the podcast that doesn’t serve the discussion, or make the listening experience better.

Why work with me?

I’ve been editing audio since the turn of the century. I’ve produced hundreds-upon-hundreds of hours of audio, in podcast and audiobook form. Over the years I’ve developed an efficient editing process that allows me to keep episodes lean, well-paced, and packed with insight, without feeling rushed and breathless.

I’m a firm believer that editing should be invisible, so you sound your effortless best. My process involves

  • Matching volume levels
  • Removing background noise
  • Correcting reverb
  • Removing filler words where necessary
  • Adding music
  • Exporting MP3s to an industry standard
  • AI-powered transcript with light hand-correction

Accessibility matters

I believe that everyone should be able to benefit from your message. So I provide an AI-powered transcript with light hand-corrections to all my podcast clients. You can add the transcript to your website, and if you ask me to upload your audio, I’ll upload the transcript too (provided your host supports it).

Some examples of my work


A full edit for a podcast episode up an hour in length costs £90. Longer episodes or more difficult edits might result in a higher cost, but you’ll always know ahead of time if that happens.

Ready to get the ball rolling?

Let’s make time for a call so we can discuss your needs, and how I can help.

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