Podcasting success doesn't have to be a mystery

Get one-to-one support from someone who's been there.

Most podcasts fail to reach their potential audience – not through a lack of hard work, but by taking on too much alone.

The shipping habit of putting one episode in front of the other is so much easier when you have someone in your corner, who understands the myriad challenges creatives face on a daily basis.

Meet your coach

I’m a podcast consultant and coach who’s helped thousands of creators around the globe get their start or improve their show.

As well as helping best-selling authors, TV personalities, and influencers make their own podcasts, I’ve been an indie content creator for as long as I’ve had an Internet connection. So I know how hard it is to go it alone, or to keep following a path without knowing if it’s the right one.

Let me help you

  • Figure out what plugs into what, and how to make it all work
  • Break scary problems down into manageable chunks
  • Conquer your negative self-talk so you can get your best work out there
  • Take your project to new heights, to keep you motivated and inspired
  • Co-create a plan you can stick to
  • Streamline your workflow so you can save time and focus on making, not promoting

What working with me is like

I have a head for both people and process. One-off sessions are great if you have a question or two and you need a concrete answer. Equally, if you need a safe space to explore an idea, a longer engagement with me provides just that.

In each session, you’ll set the agenda, and work with me to achieve the outcome you need.

Most people who book one-off sessions find they receive the bulk of the value within five minutes, as the breadth of my experience means I’ve encountered most podcasting roadblocks, and have a way to navigate around them.

People who work longer-term with me say they appreciate my calm and warm style of coaching, that focuses more on the person behind the mic, rather than the numbers or the individual moving parts of the podcast.

Ready to get the ball rolling?

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