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Podcasting is a black box. Audio goes in, something happens, and if you’re lucky, you get your intended outcome.

But what if luck didn’t have to play a part in it? What if you could get a peek inside the box?

You can’t read the label from inside the bottle

You spend time on your podcast, week in, week out, recording, editing, polishing, publishing, promoting. So when do you get the time to stand back and see your work from a new listener’s perspective?

An audit can help answer some of the questions around your podcast’s audience, performance, and growth potential. It’s not about finding what’s “wrong” with your podcast, but instead uncovering ways to make it even 10% more brilliant.

Here’s what an audit will get into

  • The podcast and episode metadata
  • Your web presence
  • Show format (intros, outros, calls-to-action, etc)
  • The “sound and feel” (mic technique, mixing, music, etc)
  • How well your content serves the needs of your audience
  • Social media and other marketing channels

What does an audit look like?

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How does an audit help?

You’ll get an honest analysis of your show, from someone who’s been making podcasts for thought-leaders and entrepreneurs since 2008. The report is packed with tips and ideas you might not have considered, as well as insights and data from within the podcasting industry.

If your growth has stalled, this audit will give you actionable advice to kick it back into gear. What it won’t do is try and change your podcast into something that doesn’t fit.

Meet your auditor

Mark Steadman, podcast growth consultant

I’m a podcast consultant and coach who’s helped thousands of creators around the globe get their start or improve their show.

As well as helping best-selling authors, TV personalities, and influencers make their own podcasts, I’ve been an indie content creator for as long as I’ve had an Internet connection. So I knows how hard it is to go it alone, or to keep following a path without knowing if it’s the right one.

Your podcast is a labour of love

You’re not retiring on the income from your podcast, I know that. It can be hard to invest money into something if it doesn’t offer a timely return… especially when times are tight.

But this is your chance to get ahead – to get clarity on your podcast’s positioning and its opportunities to grow into something that can reward you. The insights you’ll gain from this audit will help you become a better, more effective podcaster.

And because my recommendations help you build long-lasting trust, you’ll forge a stronger bond with each listener, and watch them graduate from faceless follower to true fan.

What happens next

Once you’ve booked your audit, you’ll receive results in 5-10 days, depending on the depth of audit you need.

Everything in your report is confidential, and won’t be shared with anyone else. However you’re free to share it with whoever you like.

The audit may contain recommendations for ways to improve your content or presentation. You can continue to work with me to implement these recommendations, or work through them with your team.

Ready to get the ball rolling?

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