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Planning and editing solo episodes

Michelle records a mix of solo episodes and guest interviews. She finds her solo episodes rewarding to provide to her listeners, but with deadlines comes a looming sense of dread to plan the next one.

Michelle makes multiple passes while editing her episodes, which starts to feel draining, so she and Mark discuss ways to keep that attention to detail without a loss in quality.


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Michelle: When it actually comes to me going through the file, I have a lot of places where I need to remove repetition, find the right version, you know, get rid of. unnecessary parts that don’t fit. And that feels like a kind of first rough edit. And then I need to go through and tidy it up. And then there’s that third, one of four have I really caught everything. I need to listen to the whole thing fresh.

Mark: Welcome to what’s your problem, where I try and make podcasters lives easier. One issue at a time. My …

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