The Podcast Owner's Manual 23rd January, 2023

How are podcasts consumed and promoted in 2023?

Where do we listen to podcasts? How are we promoting them, and what are our thoughts for the future of podcasting?

Podcast listener engagement study

A sample of 264 people aged

  • 18–25 = 13.6%
  • 26–35 = 42.8%
  • 36–45 = 18.6%
  • 46–55 = 17.0%
  • 56–65 = 7.2%
  • 66+ = 0.8%

completed an online questionnaire. The majority of the sample was

  • male (51.9%)
  • 43.2% were female

Where participants were listening:

  • 50.8% resided in the United Kingdom
  • 51 (19.3%) in the rest of Europe
  • 47 (17.8%) in the United States of America
  • 32 (12.1%) in the rest of the world

According to the study, we listen

  • outside when its light. Not bothered about cold
  • Indoors when its warm, incl at home
  • in the evenings
  • with moderate background noise
  • when out walking in nature

How does this match up to you?

High income podcasters favour email, blog posts and LinkedIn over quick visual networks

Most people understand that posting on social media doesn’t directly translate to an increase in downloads. They know it’s important to be there, posting, interacting, and engaging, but are slowly learning that time spent doesn’t correlate to increased downloads. I think there’s actually a lot of opportunity in cold (and then hopefully warmer) outreach.

— Arielle Nissenblatt, SquadCast

How many downloads should I be getting?

According to a recent mini-survey by Capsho, the sweet spot is 250-500.

Video podcasting in 2023

Youtube is great for talk show podcasts, but it likely won’t take off for other genres like narrative documentaries or fiction. At the end of the day, as a podcaster, it’s important to stay true to audio, in addition to understanding other platforms like Youtube — not every podcast can be adapted naturally into video and that’s okay!

— Bella Ibrahim, Marketing Director, Kerning Cultures


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Where do we listen to podcasts? How are we promoting them, and what are our thoughts for the future of podcasting?
Hi, mark here, and you are listening to the podcast Owners Manual, your handy guide to Taking care of your podcast and yourself. I hope you are well. So today we are looking at sort of three. . First off, we've got a study about how podcast content is consumed. Uh, we've also got a state of podcast marketing.
Uh, there's a little sort of report thing that came out and a …
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