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Gregory Anne transcribes her audio using Descript, and passes that off to an editor. She’s curious whether it’s worth publishing transcripts, given that she suspects few people will use them, but it’s important for her to make them presentable and accurate.She records her show on Zoom and uploads some of the episodes to YouTube. She’s heard conflicting advice about publishing full episodes (with and without video) to YouTube, so is coming to Mark for advice.


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Gregory Anne: And I have read myself, insane. The reason being is that YouTube is the biggest search engine, after Google or before Google or something like that. And people say, you should have them, you shouldn’t have them. Nobody wants to see your face. You should just have a thumbnail. You should shorten them. So that’s why I mentioned it to you because I wanted to get your take.

Mark: Welcome to what’s your problem. Where I try and make podcasters lives easier. One issue at a time. My name’s Mark Steadman. I’m a podcast producer, consultant and coach. …

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