Ear Brain Heart 19th June, 2022

Throwing stories at demons

“It’s really easy to make a podcast”, they say. “Everyone deserves to tell their story”. But what if your story is too hard to tell, no matter how important it feels to set it free? HR expert and now podcaster Serena Savini faced these questions and stared down her demons in order to tell her story.

Serena was born with a congenital heart disease that kept her from doing the things most kids love: running, playing, even attending some birthday parties. When this combined with an accident at work, a spark was lit that would allow her not only to learn more about her heart, but open it up to listeners around the world. In her podcast, she holds space for people who are returning to work after an illness or injury, or who have a transformational story to tell.

Some things to consider

  • We have an inner intelligence that we need to listen to more.
  • Ask for help, even when it feels like you don’t know what you need help with. It’s OK to tell someone you’re struggling, even in what feels like a professional situation.
  • You can create something for yourself, even in public, and that’s OK.
  • You can tell your own story, however personal, as long as you have the safety to do so.
  • Telling your story and handing others the mic is a generous act.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone, but from a position of safety. That contradiction is easier to resolve with help.



I'm saying why I'm still doing these things, why I'm still so open and hugging everyone, even if they are really mean to me.
Once you figure that out. Let me know.
You are listening to Ear Brain Heart, an experiment in showing up. I'm Mark Steadman, and if my career transition over the last 18 months has taught me anything, it's the value of safety. Joining me for this episode is an exceptional person. Serena Savini is an HR expert from Italy, with the biggest and most open heart of anyone I've worked …

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