Ear Brain Heart 12th June, 2022

How to tell if you’re purpose-washing

Most of us are to some extent purpose-washing. That’s because it’s tricky in a complex system to make every decision fully inline with our beliefs. Sophie Turton is an expert at helping impact-driven organisations put their words into action.

Sophie co-founded The Joyful, a brand and marketing agency for purpose-driven businesses. Her work involves helping businesses of varying sizes create a net positive impact, and is a champion for individuals’ agency in creating change.

Things to consider

  • A lot of businesses are trying to do right, but are are the mercy of external forces.
  • What feels in purposeful alignment in one culture may not work at all in another.
  • Net positive impact means that even the smallest organisations can have an impact.
  • Small to medium sized enterprises make up 99.9% of the UK business population (gov.uk, 2021).
  • Human beings need to feel they have a purpose.
  • Even those who preach the gospel of good intent still makes mistakes. Pobody’s nerfect, but we can strive for better by owning our mistakes.
  • Every time we use our voice or stand up for others, we push larger companies to make better choices.



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