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Putting authenticity at the heart of your creative work

If what you’re making doesn’t light you up, it’s unlikely to do the same for others. That’s among the tenets that fuel Paul Macauley’s creativity along with his messaging.

Paul is a writer, performer, and creator. He also coaches people who need help in their own creative practices. In his discussion with Mark, he dives into the process behind his own creative output, which puts authenticity at the centre.


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Clearly the reception's been good and clearly I've be doing a good enough job of uh, doubting that about if, if, if it's landed in your consciousness. So thank you for being aware.
You're listening to Ear Brain Heart, an experiment in showing up. I'm Mark Steadman and I'm equal parts interested in the process and the squishy stuff behind creativity. Helping me dig into both his writer, performer and creative coach, Paul McCauley.
I was made aware of Paul's work by former Ear Brain Heart guest, Francis Khalastchi, and instantly fell in love with …
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