Ear Brain Heart 29th May, 2022

How to be happy

Stephen Dargan can remember being seven, riding his bike in the sun as the seasons changed from spring into summer, and knowing that he was happy. Since then, he’s tried to bottle that feeling and kept being nourished by it.

Stephen works with teams and organisations to help them build happier working environments. He’s the host of the Wow @ Work podcast, that explores the way the world of work is transforming. Stephen has a wealth of knowledge about how humans can be happier, merging joy and purpose to empower us to do our best work and live a fulfilling life.



I just thought about it. I can remember no one's phone number. So anyone said, ring such and such. I said, I can't. But you've known them for 35 years. Yeah, I don't know the number.
You're listening to Ear Brain Heart, an experiment in showing up. I'm Mark Steadman, a curious individual who's always on the lookout for things to fill his brain that can make him happier, healthier, and more productive. Helping me with all of this today is Stephen Dargan. Stephen helps create organizations that light people up. He's dedicated to creating happier …

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