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Brand as a force for good

Brand isn’t about picking a font and a colour. It’s about articulating how your work meets the needs of the people it serves.

Anne Miltenburg pursued her life’s purpose by taking the skills she’d acquired in years working for design agencies, and desalinating that knowledge to people in the developing world. She founded Brand the Change to provide workshops, tools, and training materials to put world-class brand knowledge in the hands of impact entrepreneurs.

Some things to consider

  • Knowledge – like a tool – is neutral. It’s how we choose to use it that matters.
  • When entering an unfamiliar space, strike partnerships with people who know the space.
  • The most interesting people in the world have trouble describing what they do, or why it matters.
  • “If the whole world is your ocean, it’s really hard to go fishing, because the fish could be anywhere.”
  • Take an interest in people and you’re more likely to have that interest returned.
  • Originality is crucial when building a brand.
  • You don’t own your social media followings.


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