Ear Brain Heart 5th December, 2022

The busy person’s guide to authentic content marketing

Everyone’s vying for our attention on LinkedIn. So how can you stand out without simply shouting louder?

For content marketing expert Kate Clarke, the key is writing authentically, as yourself, for exactly the type of person you want to reach. So rather than creating more content or chasing the algorithm, it’s about writing, recording, or live-streaming what occurs to you that can resonate with the people you want to work with.

Key takeaways

  • Good writing starts by knowing the audience. Then bring in your values and your story.
  • Start your content creation journey with video or a live stream. From that, you can generate a blog post, a podcast episode, and more.
  • People buy from people they share values with.
  • It’s important to set boundaries when speaking with an authentic voice, so you can let people in… but not too far in.
  • Don’t be afraid of repeating yourself.
  • Some level of automation or scheduling is necessary to help busy people get their messages out. But remember to ask yourself “is this content valuable?”
    • This can also be hugely beneficial if you have a biological cycle that impacts how visible you want to be.
  • The best ways to bring people into the “know” stage of “know, like, trust” is to be visible. Buy ads (if that feels relevant), go to networking events, pitch to guest on podcasts, build partnerships.

George Kao’s three-step process for content development

  1. Start with informal content – something you can record while walking the dog.
  2. Take that piece and work it into something long-form, like a blog post or YouTube video.
  3. Combine the pieces that have worked best into a course or a book.



Did you used to do radio then?
No. Well, I've done some community radio.
You've got a very radio voice,
Thank you. Yeah, I can't turn it off.
No, it's great. I love it.
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