Ear Brain Heart 28th November, 2022

What can you do in 12 minutes?

We have a limited amount of self-discipline each day. So how you use what you have is crucial. Robbie Swale started writing a blog post every week on the train in-between stops.

What started as 12 minutes every week ended up as an 80,000-word book. Robbie is now three books into a four book series about how to start a project, keep it going, and create the conditions for great work.

Key takeaways

  • Confidence comes from the actions you take, not the other way around.
  • Similarly, the mindset to take action rarely just appears. We need to take small steps to build up that mindset.
  • If you want to define yourself as “the type of person who does X ”, you can’t ever be that person without taking the first step.
  • Life will always get in the way. How can you leverage your practice so that it’s resilient in those times?
  • Build the rep of recommitting when you lose your streak.
  • Raise the activation energy for the tasks you don’t want to do, and lower the activation energy for the tasks you do.



Oh no, it's not a consistent countdown. Do we really?
Is it, is it gonna work? Is it gonna consistently record?
are we really? Yeah.
You're listening to Ear Brain Heart, an experiment in showing up. I'm Mark Steadman and I'm always on the lookout for ways to hack my own brain so that I can do the things that I'm sure I'm supposed to do when all I really want to do is w. Well, the things I want to do.
Helping me figure this out is Robbie Swale. …

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