Ear Brain Heart 1st May, 2022

Start building your audience by giving them things to watch, read, listen, and do

Marketing can feel opaque and magical – it either works or it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t work, it can be hard to learn from it. But as Mark’s first guest reveals, marketing is much more about doing the work and showing up consistently. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy it.

Simon Batchelar is one half of Better Bolder Braver, a community and learning space for coaches who want to feel better about marketing. Simon and Frances of Better Bolder Braver have helped Mark get to grips with his own marketing, and enjoy the process of content creation.

Some things to consider

  • There are a million videos and blog posts about your topic, but none of them have your viewpoint and your personality. That matters.
  • You need to create the Netflix of You – make your stuff bingeworthy.
  • Create content for people to watch, read, listen, and do.



I remember there was a video while of ago of this mum and her daughter in America making a cup of tea they put it in the microwave with the milk first and there was all these English reaction videos to it. And it was so good.
Welcome to Ear, Brain, Heart, and experiment in showing up. I'm Mark Steadman and I'm working to understand how we can use our powers of persuasion for good. As someone who teaches people, how to podcast and to feel good about it. I'm fascinated with the way a message …

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