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What podcast mentorship can offer

What podcast mentorship can offer

Podcasting can sometimes feel like speaking into the void: you record an episode, polish it up, hit Publish, and then the cycle begins again. If you’re not seeing the results you want from your podcast, this can start to feel like a grind.

Facebook groups can help alleviate some of the loneliness, but they’re populated mostly by people facing the same struggles, and looking for shortcuts to growth.

A podcast mentor can help you focus on the key areas you might be struggling with. It starts with helping you get clarity on who you’re making your podcast for, and how the listener benefits. This informs how you position your podcast within a crowded space, the copy on your website, your social ad targeting, and even the way you address your audience when you’re on mic.

Video courses and written guides are helpful in understanding the basics, but every podcaster is different, just as every podcast is different. Podcast mentorship offers specific advice and guidance based on your unique circumstances.


Here’s how it works

Each month, you’ll meet with your podcast mentor Mark for an hour to discuss your latest successes and challenges, and set goals for the next session to help keep you on track. Mark will address any tech, creative, or marketing questions you have, and offer support and advice with kindness at the core.

Mark’s will help you make the best podcast you can make, and achieve success on your terms. Often that means focusing not on numbers of downloads, but on the impact your work is having.

Whether your podcast is a hobby, a labour of love, or part of a wider comms strategy, Mark can help you feel better about your work, keep you connected to your purpose, and enjoying the benefits of authentic communication.

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What you'll get

  • Understanding your audience and market fit
  • Exploring new ways to market your podcast
  • Finding and working with guests
  • Honing your presentation skills
  • Editing tips and techniques
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Accountability
  • Lots more
This is not “podcast success coaching”

This is not “podcast success coaching”

Podcasting is a creative pursuit, but success is often measured in the same way as website performance or sales figures. And while to many podcasters, ROI is important, a fixation on numbers leads to questions regarding SEO, growth hacks, and other marketing schemes that ignore the fundamental truth: you can’t market a podcast no-one wants to hear.

Podcast coaching is often based on rigid, impersonal principles around growth and business impact, whereas working with Mark as your mentor means you set the agenda, so you can focus on what you want to achieve, be that closer connections with your customers, collecting ideas for a future book, or exploring your passion.

Like coaching, mentoring keeps you accountable and helps you set goals, but offers support and guidance with kindness, rather than judgement.

Who is this Mark person anyway?

Mark works with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, artists, and celebrities. His work has been highlighted by the BBC, and he presented the Comedy award at the inaugural British Podcast Awards in 2017. He runs the Birmingham Podcast Festival in the UK’s second city, and has produced a murder mystery podcast in under 15 minutes, live on stage, twice in one day.

He founded the podcast hosting company Podiant in 2016, coding every line, writing every blog post, and in the beginning, replying to every support email himself. He’s helped individuals, organisations and commercial radio stations launch their audio presences online, and has been consistently producing podcasts since 2008. He now spends his time exclusively helping podcasters get results on their terms

Who is this Mark person anyway?

What Mark’s mentees have to say

Photo of Anna Kolak

Mark is amazing. He is helping me come out of my shell and become visible in a way that I didn't even realize I needed. I couldn't have imagined a better guide in the process of starting a podcast, and we've only just begun.

Anna Kolak


Photo of Liliana Ashton

Mark is an inspiration in so many ways. Not least because of his ability to mentor in all things podcast. He possesses this rare combination of first class coaching skills with technical proficiency.

Liliana Ashton

Managing Director, LA UK Consulting Ltd

Photo of Pippa Frith

Mark is so knowledgeable and experienced he makes complex things incredibly simple. He's flexible, and gently sees the gaps in your knowledge and fills them in, helping to create a professional and high quality offering.

Pippa Frith

Theatrical producer