Hello, I’m Mark Steadman

I studied Media & Communication at Birmingham City University, in the heart of the United Kingdom. I specialised in Internet radio and music culture, volunteered at the University radio station. There I learned fundamentals of radio production that inform my work today. I graduated with a 2:1 in 2004 – the year that the term “podcast” was coined.

When my day jobs at web design companies failed to present enough of a challenge, I flexed my creative muscles by producing music, and in early 2008 started work on my first podcast, the New Media Junkie. From it I quickly became a producer-for-hire, being paid in beer and snacks, before eventually being paid in actual money.

I tried counting the hours of audio I’ve produced for other people, but lost count… it’s somewhere in the high hundreds. You can take a look at some of the projects I’ve worked on.

Creativity and compassion

I have optic nerve hypoplasia, which is an under-development of the wiring that connects the eye to the brain. An associated condition called nystagmus makes my eyes wobble (something I share with the British TV presenter and author Richard Osman, so there’s that).

Through early schooling and by luck of where he grew up, I spent a lot of my younger years around kids and adults with differing needs. This, and an aspect of my own neurodiversity make empathy a huge part of my coaching work.

I understand the pain points in the creative process, and mix encouragement and a process-led approach to break down the work into manageable pieces.

Work with me

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your podcast, I’d love to see how I can help.

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