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How to have each speaker on a separate track with Zoom

A simple but important setting the organiser of a Zoom meeting can enable to make editing much easier.

Five top podcasting tips

Mark shares his top five podcasting tips with the BBC Academy.

Surviving as a freelancer in a global pandemic

Mark chats with _Beyond Busy_'s Graham Allcott, about freelancing in a time of great uncertainty.

Change the world without asking permission

A talk Mark gave at PechaKucha in Birmingham UK.

So, you're going to be on a podcast

Some simple steps and pro-tips for your next appearance as a podcast guest.

Podcast development checklist

Steps to take in the development of your podcast, to make sure it sits well within directories and you’re positioned for growth.

Podcast gear guide

A living gear guide based on the stuff I’ve battle-tested over years of podcasting.

Apple Podcasts categories

Complete list of Apple Podcasts directory categories and subcategories.


A tool to help discover and track keywords in Apple Podcasts.


A marketplace for podcast sponsorships


aA targeted podcast ad marketplace.


Promote episodes with short videos including animated waveforms and transcription.