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If you or a client is using the Zoom video chat service to record your podcast, there’s a simple but important setting the organiser of the meeting can enable, that will make editing much easier.

Zoom settings window, showing the recording options

Open the Zoom client and head to Settings. On a Mac this is in the “zoom.us” menu, under “Preferences”. On Windows, you can get to it by clicking your avatar and then selecting “Settings” from the context menu.

Within the Zoom client settings window, click “Recording”. Then make sure “Record a separate audio file for each participant” is selected.

Recordings will be saved in the usual spot (in your Documents folder, under a “Zoom” subfolder). You should always have the full mixed video file as before, but you’ll also see separate files for each speaker, including the host. You can then drop these into your DAW and filter, EQ and add gain separately.

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