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Meet Mark, your podcast consultant

Meet Mark, your podcast consultant

Mark has been making podcasts since 2008, and creating on-demand audio since 2008. He graduated from Birmingham City University with a 2:1 in Media Studies, focusing on the intersection between radio and the Internet. Shortly after he graduated, across the pond, the term “podcasting” was coined.

Mark founded the podcast hosting company Podiant in 2016, which helped thousands of podcasters get their start, and achieve growth. During that time he spearheaded projects like podTo, and founded the open standards body OPAWG. He co-created the British Podcast Awards’ Bullseye category, which gave voice to indie creators, and has provided training as part of the BBC Academy.

In the spring of 2021, he sold his media hosting company to form Origin, a production and consultancy firm specialising in empowering people to tell there own stories through audio. Mark now runs the popular Podcode blog, which is a regular feature in industry newsletters Podnews and PodMov Daily.

An experienced, level head

Working with Mark is a pretty calm affair. There are very problems in podcasting that Mark hasn’t encountered and had to navigate around, so you can rely on his breadth of knowledge and his tech-savvy ability to solve problems.

Far from just being a left-brain analyst, Mark thinks creatively, and has an ear for detail. He’s produced podcasts for best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and TV celebrities. He wouldn’t call himself unflappable, but he did produce a murder mystery podcast live on stage, in front of a packed BBC audience… twice.

Work with Mark

Hire Mark to help with

  • Audio editing and production
  • Podcast website design and development
  • Podcast growth and marketing
  • Podcast-related product development
  • Navigating best practises and emerging standards
  • Idea and audience development

Here's what others have said

Photo of Dan Hammond

Squadify is a totally virtual organisation with team members all over the world. We have never met Mark in person but he is an essential part of our squad.

We hope you like the podcast. It would not exist without Mark!

Dan Hammond

Chief Product Officer, Squadify

Photo of Maria Franzoni

Each week I interview a new guest, and as the interviews are remote, we never know quite how they’ll sound, but Mark always provides a clean, crisp audio file that sounds great, and is ready for us to upload.

Maria Franzoni

International speaker bureaux owner, MFL Global

Photo of Pippa Frith

Mark is so knowledgeable and experienced he makes complex things incredibly simple. He's flexible, and gently sees the gaps in your knowledge and fills them in, helping to create a professional and high quality offering.

Pippa Frith

Theatrical producer

Let's have a chat

There are countless ways you can work with Mark and Origin. Get in touch to book a call, to discover how Mark can help you and your business get to grips with podcasting.

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