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Mark Steadman April 21, 2021

Apple brings paid subscriptions to its Podcasts app

Everything you need to know about the latest changes to Apple Podcasts, that bring paid subscriptions and more opportunities for network branding.

Mark Steadman April 7, 2021

Podcasting is a global game of Touch the Truck

Because it’s so easy to make podcasts, there are loads of them, and because there are more shows than any one person can listen to, we can worry that there isn’t space for our stuff. We shouldn't.

Mark Steadman March 24, 2021

How I outsourced my pre-production to robots

Using Trello, Zapier and Calendly to automate the process of working with guests on a weekly podcast.

Mark Steadman March 17, 2021

Welcome new listeners with a gateway episode

Every podcast has an episode that typifies it; that says "if you like this, you'll probably like the whole thing". Here's how you can showcase that episode to entice new listeners.

Mark Steadman March 10, 2021

Apple’s no longer using the word “subscribe”. Here’s what you need to know

You may have already heard that the language in Apple's Podcasts app is changing from “Subscribe” to “Follow”, but that’s not nearly the most important thing about the change.