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Podcast audits

A podcast audit is a comprehensive survey of your podcast, designed to help you get clarity on your podcast’s discoverability, possible reasons your growth may have slowed, ways to improve your sound, and lots more.

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What you'll get

  • Full review of podcast positioning, metadata, fundability, etc
  • Review of the latest episode
  • Recommendations for anything that needs a tweak

Meet Mark

Mark made his first podcast in 2008, and now helps thought-leaders, best-selling authors, and celebrities craft compelling audio.

Mark runs the podcast blog and membership site Podcode, where he helps new and emerging podcasters use their voice to change their corner of the world.

He also runs the podcast studio Origin, and regularly leads events helping people with their digital communication strategy.

Meet Mark


  • Is your feed working properly?
  • Are you “everywhere you get your podcasts”?
  • How well is your podcast website serving you?


  • How is your audio quality?
  • Are you editing content to keep listeners engaged?
  • Are your show notes displaying correctly?

Concept & Content

  • How well-defined is your podcast audience?
  • What is a new listener’s first experience?
  • Are your calls-to-action effective?

Here's what others have said

Photo of Chris Kenworthy

Mark gently invited me to consider having a format, structure, and revisiting my expectations for it. He also indulged my playful side, encouraging me to channel something more of myself into the podcast, as well as having those boundaries to contain what/who the podcast is for.

Chris Kenworthy


Photo of Lucy Clayton

Some people instinctively make good ideas better, they can't help but elevate; Mark is one of them. This is the kind of personality everyone needs on their side - especially in this industry because podcasting can be a lonely and relentless business.

Lucy Clayton

Author and podcaster, Dress: Fancy

Get a podcast audit from someone who's been there

There is no “right way” to podcast, but there are best practises and guidelines to follow. The trouble is, they’re not always clear. A podcast audit from an experienced creator will help you get clear on what’s working, and where you can improve.

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